The Policing Matters team led by Dr Mark Kilgallon facilitated a two day senior leadership event, for a major national public agency on 11/12th June at Bramshill.

With an attendance of a total of 126 Directors and Senior Managers of diverse and specialist backgrounds, over a hundred delegates worked in 9 Syndicates, each facilitated by a Policing Matters Team Member.

A considerable amount of useful and informative information was produced and recorded by each syndicate, relevant to the organisational challenges and performance. This has subsequently has been turned into one “product” by the Policing Matters team, enabling the agencies’ leadership to have useful data and clarity of what needs to be undertaken in the immediate and medium term future to build on successes and performance to date.

An outstanding feature was the “personal pledges of commitment” made by 99 staff who will be held to account for their outcomes.

Following the event the client feedback was that the top team, as well as the delegates, were delighted with the event, the tasks they were set and the high standard of contributions and output by all. The Policing Matters team were acknowledged for their skill, expertise and energy, ensuring the event remained customer focused, flexible and with high quality of facilitation and engagement.

We look forward to assisting the client in the near future as they develop their complex, high profile and sensitive business and services.

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