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We would like to take this opportunity of wishing a slightly belated Happy New year to all our members. We hope that 2013 brings you health, happiness and prosperity. In particular we would like to welcome Steve Buck who is our 2000th member to the group. Thirty-two other members joined at the same time as Steve and we hope they all enjoy the benefits of group membership and fully participates in the challenging discussions ahead. Since our inception in 2010, this has become a truly global group and we hope this growth and reach continues throughout the year.

 New Challenges:

The coming months and years may be some of the most demanding facing policing. The common touchstones that were present in the last century appear to have all but dissipated. Currently in the UK, policing and in particular policing leadership appears to be under constant criticism or challenge – depending on your viewpoint. No doubt some form of leadership review is politically brewing. In response to some of your feedback and in order to better influence the leadership debate, we want to increase the opportunities available to group members to make a significant impact. For these reasons we will be creating a number of flexible events – virtual and actual – where participants can draw on their experiences and voice their opinions in order to create a real energy for excellence in policing.


During the last two years a number of powerful and at times controversial contributions have been made within this policing group. Given the size and profile of our membership, we want to take full advantage of the available policing experience by providing an environment where members can discuss critical issues face to face. To this end, please watch out for a number of select conferences that will be offered throughout the year. We will be looking for speakers and topics that address the current and future ‘change’ debate.


We are cognisant of the busy lives that people lead and the global reach of the group. Consequently, we will offer a number of Webinar opportunities where members – throughout the world – will be able to engage with each other at an authentic and challenging level. These Webinars will also be available on a regular basis. The first Webinar will go live in February – details to follow.

 Invited Guest

We want to offer individual members an extended opportunity to give their vision for the future of policing. To achieve this we will be approaching a number of group members offering them the facility to express their views and opinions with respect to leadership. The first ‘guest’ will be former Assistant Chief Constable Brian Langston QPM of Thames Valley police – UK. Anyone interested in contributing to this particular forum, please contact Dr Mark Kilgallon at:


Dr Mark Kilgallon is hoping to self-indulge in the policing leadership development discourse. He will therefore be writing a short “blog’ each fortnight expressing his views on policing leadership issues. There is little doubt that the UK government has increased its focus on policing leadership and some of their comments are informed; others leave a lot to be desired. He hopes to make a contribution to the discourse. This fortnightly ‘blog’ will be available at

 MSc in Policing

For the more adventurous – in partnership with the University of Wolverhampton, Policing Matters is now very pleased to offer a Post-Graduate degree in Policing. This is an exciting and unique MSc that will enable participants to achieve a deep understanding of the complex world of policing and the challenges facing its leadership, enhancing their own performance – at all levels. The MSc in Policing will be available from May 2013. Participants will be required to engage in five weekend Policing Matters modules and then complete a work-based assignment (dissertation). One further ‘Methods’ module from Wolverhampton University will complete the academic process. The University awards the MSc.

Accredited Programmes

Policing Matters has become an Approved Endorsed Provider with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). This means that a credible leadership and management organisation will independently accredit all our leadership programmes and services. We are now able to offer leadership development opportunities across all ranks and roles and have already engaged with a number of UK policing organisations.

 Theory to Practice

As you will see we are trying to increase the focus on leadership throughout policing. From our perspective we want to ensure that Policing Matters helps bridge the gap between theory and practice. Where possible, we want to help leaders within policing and their partner agencies, develop to the edges of their abilities. Hopefully you will want to engage in a positive and constructive manner.


Finally, we hope that the above opportunities have whetted your appetite for leadership development. This is an incredibly talented group that has not yet been fully utilised. Now is the time to change that and if you feel that you would like to directly contribute to any of the areas outlined above, please feel free to contact Dr Mark. We are looking for talented people to help us with our programmes – academics and practitioners. It is our intention to create an energy for excellence in policing and we hope that you will be part of that process.

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