‘Whatever we look at and however we look at it, we see through our own eyes’.

At the core of the leadership challenge is the need for high performing leaders to understand who they are, how they tick and what influence they can have over the performance of others. We therefore encourage high performing individuals to engage with some form of self-analysis via a psychometric tool. From our experience in working with the best, we offer two outstanding products that get to the core of self-awareness: an emotionally intelligence based 360 feedback tool; and a ‘colour energy’ tool. These ‘tools’ are the starting point for self-development because they help raise awareness around personal strengths as well as areas for improvement. The focus is to create an attitude and aptitude for self-learning and therefore those who engage with the products need to be learning leaders and not just learned. To do this leaders need to continually enhance their self-confidence, recognising that their positive attributes provide them with energy to make a real difference.

We use colour to emphasise specific preference types and so we have: earth green; ice blue; storm yellow; fiery red. Each of these ‘colour preferences’ have both positive and negative characteristics associated with them and people in general, have more than one preference type. Typically, we find that most leaders have two dominant preferences that they are particularly comfortable with and two that are less prominent.

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Established in 2010 by Dr Mark Kilgallon, with the purpose of creating an applied learning environment within which ethical leaders can flourish.

With a team of outstanding leaders in their fields we’ve established a values based association with a strong commitment to compassion, understanding, forgiveness, community and delivery.

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