The focus of this work is to help leaders step-up and step-forward in their leadership performance.

The demands on leaders are extensive and we are meeting far too many strategic leaders whose focus has been dropped down from the strategic to the tactical; from the visionary to the immediacy of hitting targets. At the same time we also connect with some outstanding performers who, against equally challenging environments, still manage to add significant value to those whom they lead and the customers, agencies and strategic partnerships with whom they engage. The difference between both sets of leaders is marked and much has to do with their ability to quick-time reflect on their performance and then act on the outcomes.

We have helped those who operate at the top echelons of their ability – to apply a laser link focus on their performance and we want to share our Draw-Bridge Equation approach with like-minded leaders. The methodology is also sufficiently flexible enough to be applied at an individual, team, organisational and partnership level.

About Us

Established in 2010 by Dr Mark Kilgallon, with the purpose of creating an applied learning environment within which ethical leaders can flourish.

With a team of outstanding leaders in their fields we’ve established a values based association with a strong commitment to compassion, understanding, forgiveness, community and delivery.

Policing Matters Limited

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