Fully utilising our Draw-Bridge Equation approach to further developing high performing leaders, we have created a six stage approach within our coaching and mentoring provision. Our qualified coaches and mentors help leaders focus down onto their personal leadership preferences by exploring how their style complements or hinders a one-team approach to delivering valued performance outcomes. The client will therefore be encourage to engage in a unique and creative approach that will help them accurately identify their strengths (what is in the bank); their areas for development (what needs reviewed or revealed); their approach to diversity and difference (their inclusivity strategy); their vision for the future of their service or business (what direction are they taking); and what areas of organisational performance requires to be tightened (their performance grip).

All this is achieved in a supportive and emotionally intelligent manner where the client is in control of the content of the sessions and the coach is in charge of the process. Our approach is backed by the most up-to-date leadership literature and we have established exclusive and creative ways of helping clients fully flourish within their working environments. The depth of our knowledge and experience means that we can specifically adapt to the skills base of those attending our coaching and mentoring sessions

About Us

Established in 2010 by Dr Mark Kilgallon, with the purpose of creating an applied learning environment within which ethical leaders can flourish.

With a team of outstanding leaders in their fields we’ve established a values based association with a strong commitment to compassion, understanding, forgiveness, community and delivery.

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