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Policing Matters was established in 2010 by Dr Mark Kilgallon, with the purpose of creating an applied learning environment within which ethical leaders can flourish.

leading-ethical-performance-conference43Harnessing a team of outstanding leaders in their fields we’ve established a values based association with a strong commitment to compassion, understanding, forgiveness, community and delivery – meet the team.

There are numerous ways in the Policing Matters team aspire to bring added value to individuals, as well as creating worth within organisations, both in the public and private sector. Essentially, their commitment is to establish trusting and professional relationships that deliver sustainable growth.

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Creating Energy for Excellence

We believe that creating energy for excellence is an essential part of belonging to a vocational organisation. Our values are:

  • Courage in living and learning
  • Integrity in research
  • Agility in thinking
  • Self-awareness in application
  • Passion for Professional policing and leadership.

Join us on this incredible journey.

Policing: Learning to Lead

Posted by Dr Mark Kilgallon on April 7, 2014.

We explore how policing leaders learn and also how some of the context within which policing education currently takes place… Read More