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Executive Leadership – Positive Energy for Change

This programme is designed for those who have a proven track record of leading their organisation at strategic level and want to further develop their approach towards creating a positive energy for change. It is designed in ‘cohort’ format, which means that over a 2 year period executive leaders will come together on four occasions with the same group of participants, learning and sharing their developmental experiences.

An effective professional development plan is a pre-requisite for attendance. Prior to attendance on the programme, one of our coaches will be available to ensure that the development plan is fit for purpose.

Course Details:

  • Duration:  Four days
  • Price: On application
  • Dates: Contact for details.

Participants will be executive level leaders, working together to explore their learning agendas to further develop their performance and motivations for shaping the future direction of their organisations.

Participants will get together as a cohort over a two year period, during four facilitated sessions.

Alongside cohort sessions leaders will be provided with a personal coach / mentor for the duration of the programme to enable leaders to be the best they can be.

Course Overview:

This intense and challenging executive programme will utilise a number of learning events that not only focus on the current and future strategic issues facing policing and law enforcement, but will also meet the bespoke personal needs of the participants. As with all our learning events, this programme will encourage participants to consider the ‘real’ issues that are currently facing organisational leaders as well as the future demands placed upon them. Chatham House rules will be important in order to embed trust within the programme.

Participants will be assigned a personal coach who will work with them over the duration of the programme. The programme will consider:

  1. What has been my personal experience of leadership? Where am I strong; where do I need to further develop?
  2. What areas of development can I focus upon that will give me a disproportionate positive impact on my performance?
  3. How effective have I been in implementing my vision, values and purpose of the organisation that I lead? What do I now need to do?
  4. Learning from others – experienced leaders from a full range of organisations and industries will share their experiences and their learning.
  5. The cohort will work as a self-supporting group and therefore their group ‘needs and requirements’ – will be explored and then addressed.
  6. A review of the current literature regarding strategic leadership will be reviewed and then operationalised – bridging the gap between theory and practice.
  7. Strategies to deal with the loneliness of leaders will be explored.
  8. How can I help develop those leaders within my organisation who have the potential to perform at an outstanding level? How do I best coach and mentor them?
  9. How do I best manage difficult conversation within my organisation? How do I manage difficult conversations out-with my immediate zone of influence?
  10. How do I maintain peak performance?

At the end of the programme participants will become a full Alumni member of Policing Matters with the significant opportunities to network with leaders from around the world, and the ability to address the strategic leadership issues within their organisation coupled with a better understanding of their own leadership qualities.

For more information about this course and to request a booking form please contact:  Dr Mark Kilgallon

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