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LELP Law Enforcement Leadership Programme

Four short courses for those already in Law Enforcement to gain essential leadership skills.

LELP – Foundation

Provides participants, at the early stage of their leadership journey, an opportunity to explore their role in shaping the needs of a modern and robust organisation. Read More

LELP I – Leading the Business

Module helps participants develop a confidence in ethical performance management as well as providing a platform to explore the concept of systems thinking. Read More

LELP II – Leading Professional Practice

Participants will develop a more comprehensive and complex understanding of the competing demands required of policing and law enforcement. Read More

LELP III – Leading Change

This demanding LELP module considers the impact that change management has on individuals, teams and organisations. Read More

Policing: Learning to Lead

Posted by Dr Mark Kilgallon on April 7, 2014.

We explore how policing leaders learn and also how some of the context within which policing education currently takes place… Read More